Changing Faces

Assistant Professor Kevin Allen | Faculty of Land and Food Systems | UBC

Assistant Professor Kevin Allen

Dr. Kevin Allen, Assistant Professor, Food Microbiology, Food, Nutrition and Health

Dr. Allen received his PhD in Molecular Food Microbiology at the University of Guelph in 2007 and most recently worked as a Research Manager at Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. in Ontario.

Dr. Jennifer Black, Assistant Professor, Dietetics and Human Nutrition, Food, Nutrition and Health

Most recently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Sociology at UBC, Dr. Black received her PhD in Nutrition and Dietetics at New York University in 2008.

Christopher Kalbflesich, Horticulturist 1

A graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, Christopher Kalbflesich is pleased to be developing his horticulturist career through his new position at UBC Botanical Garden. As a Horticulturist, he is responsible for maintenance throughout the Garden. Christopher previously worked at UBC Plant Operations.

Nathan Langley & Chris Kalbfleish | Faculty of Land and Food Systems | UBC

Nathan Langley & Chris Kalbfleish

Nathan Langley, Horticulturist 1

A position as a summer student worker in UBC’s Botany department as well as UBC Botanical Garden led Nathan Langley to his current role as Horticulturist at the Garden. His main responsibilities include general maintenance of the Garden. Nathan graduated with a BSc Biology from UBC in 2009.

Dr. Robin Mellway, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Wine Research Centre

Dr. Mellway received his PhD in 2009 from the University of Victoria.  His research area was the molecular analysis and genetic engineering of the proanthocyanidin biosynthetic pathway in poplar.  He will be working with Dr. Steven Lund.

Promotions – Faculty

Assistant Professor Darin Bennett | Faculty of Land and Food Systems | UBC

Assistant Professor Darin Bennett

Darin Bennett, Assistant Professor Without Review, Avian Research Centre

Returning (from maternity leave)

Jennifer Honeybourn, Communications Manager


Randal Mindell, RA/T 3, UBC Botanical Garden


Bev Busch, Administrative Manager joined UBC in 1987 working in various capacities for the Faculty of Commerce and Purchasing before making the Plant Science Department and LFS her home. Busch’s contributions continue to have an enduring and positive impact on the Faculty and we thank her for her many years of dedicated service.

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