Community Volunteers Make a Difference at UBC Farm

Volunteers in a UBC Farm HoophouseAlmost 100 volunteers from Concert Properties took part in a special community building project at UBC Farm on June 10, 2010.

Over the course of an afternoon, volunteers removed invasive species such as blackberries and other perennial weeds, and built 10 picnic tables and a hoop house.

“The hoop house will allow us to increase our production of heat loving plants like tomatoes and peppers, and extend our growing season further into the winter,” said Gemma McNeill, UBC Farm Volunteer Coordinator. “It also means more field time for students during the academic year.”

Concert Properties $17,000 in-kind donation included volunteer time, building supplies for the hoop house, tools and gloves.

“The donation of tools and supplies gives us the capacity to host more volunteer based projects in the future,” added McNeill, adding that this was the largest corporate volunteer day the Farm has ever hosted.

The partnership between Concert Properties and UBC Farm is a natural one; Concert Properties is building the Tapestry Seniors Development on UBC’s South Campus. The community will include a restaurant and discussions are underway to provide fresh produce from UBC Farm. As well, the Farm plans to create opportunities for the residents to get involved with the Farm.

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