Extreme Environmental Home Makeover

Jenna Pfoh & Ashley Lubyk | Faculty of Land and Food Systems | UBC

Jenna Pfoh & Ashley Lubyk

Jenna Pfoh is making the world a greener place, one household at a time.

Pfoh, a Healthy Homes Advisor for Green Calgary (and a graduate of our Global Resource Systems program), visits Calgary-area homes and provides free advice about energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality, waste reduction and healthy/environmentally-friendly food choices.

“It’s a very unique program. There’s really nothing else like it in North America,” says Pfoh, adding that clients are also provided with compost bins, rain barrels, non-toxic cleaners and low-flow tap aerators and shower heads.

During the home visit, teams of two go through each room, educating homeowners on how to make the space more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly. The team also leaves behind green household cleaners to replace conventional cleaners that could be harmful to one’s health and the environment. A second in-home visit is conducted two to three months later to evaluate progress and address the participants’ questions or concerns.

Pfoh credits the GRS program for helping her to develop the skills that she uses in her role with Green Calgary.

“The GRS program really prepared me for this position. The core courses and the small group work taught me how to engage in relevant discussions and allowed me to easily fit in with this organization,” she says.

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