Learning on the Job

Minh Ngo | Faculty of Land and Food Systems | UBC

Minh Ngo

“This Faculty does a very good job of instilling the desire to make a difference in students,” says Minh Ngo, Community Based Experiential Learning Coordinator.

Ngo, a Global Resource Systems (GRS) alum, is eager to help create engaging and challenging learning opportunities for students.

“Everyone who goes into the GRS program wants to have an impact on the world,” she says, adding that her role in working to further community-based research (CBR) and community-service learning (CSL) within the Faculty fits well with the values she developed through the GRS program.

Funded by UBC’s Community Learning Exchange, the Community Based Experiential Learning Coordinator position was recently established to support the work of CSL and CBR collaborations between faculty members, students and community partners. The position directly supports the goals of Place and Promise, UBC’s new strategic plan, which identifies CSL and CBR as key strategies to creating an exceptional learning environment.

Ngo works with LFS instructors to identify opportunities for CSL and CBR projects, develops relationships with community partners, and assists students and instructors in evaluating the impact of the CSL and CBR components of their courses.

“I’m excited to be part of a vibrant community that has played such an important role in shaping me into the person that I am,” Ngo says.

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