Lending Students a Helping Hand

Kailee Price UBCFinishing an undergraduate or graduate degree is an achievement and often one of life’s milestones.  But obtaining that degree is not easy, especially if paying for education is a hardship.

“The time I spent as a student in this Faculty meant so much to me,” said Sig Peterson, class of 1948. “It helped to shape my career and my life. If I can give a little back to help today’s student have that same experience, then I’m happy to do it.”

After earning a BSc (Agr) degree, Peterson worked for the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands for 35 years, ten of which he spent as Deputy Minister.

Peterson is now a regular donor to LFS, giving students a helping hand by supporting scholarships and bursaries.

Kailee Price, a student in our Food, Nutrition and Health program, received the WAU scholarship in 2009.

“The support I received from the scholarship meant that I could really focus on my studies,” said Price. Thanks to that focus, Price graduated at the top of her class this past Spring.

Today’s students need your help more than ever. Scholarships and bursaries are just one way you can give back. You can also give to a wide range of other LFS educational projects and initiatives that make a world of difference to our students –

making getting that degree just a little bit easier.

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