Moving On Up

LFS Student Services | Faculty of Land and Food Systems | UBC

Joshua Robertson, Lia Dragan, Winnie Ng, Mihn Ngo, Roxana Quinde

LFS Student Services moved into its beautiful new office space on the third floor in the MacMillan Building last December.

“I feel we now have the nicest advising office on campus,” says Lynn Newman, Assistant Dean, Students.  “Gathering all of the LFS student service providers together into one space builds a more cohesive unit and enables us to provide better service to our students. Student feedback so far has been very positive; they’ve indicated they find the new environment very welcoming.”

“We’re more of a one-stop shop now,” says Allison Barnes, Manager, Graduate Programs.

The office provides more than 1400 square feet of space and houses the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Services offices as well as the Global Resource Systems program, the First Nations Coordinator and the LFS Community Learning Initiative.

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