Tea with a Conscience

Marise May, Sahana Ayurvedic Products, Fair Trade Organic Tea MontrealWhen it comes to tea, there are a million different varieties to choose from; not many of them, however, can help make a difference in the lives of farmers half a world away.

Marise May, a graduate of our Nutritional Sciences program (2003), and her husband, Chanaka Kurera, started Sahana Ayurvedic Products, Inc. in May’s native Montreal in 2007. The company imports and distributes fair trade organic teas, herbs and spices, as well as ready-to eat curries, all purchased ethically from Sri Lanka. The products are sold under the brand name Arayuma, which means “invitation” in Sinhalese.

“The farmer’s project that produces our teas and spices is the first of its kind in Asia,” said May, adding that over 2,000 farmer families participate in the project. “The farms are run in a sustainable way and the project gives back to the community by helping to build infrastructure and schools, in addition to ensuring fair prices for the farmers.”

Arayuma products are sold in health food and specialty stores across Canada and are free of allergens such as nuts and gluten.

For more information, visit www.arayuma.com

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