One response to “In Memoriam: Dr. Shuryo Nakai”

  1. Bill Styles

    I just wanted to join many others in saying that having Dr Nakai as a food science teacher and research professor were among the greatest experiences I had.

    I enjoyed reading the experiences of students and profs who wrote letters sharing their high regard for him. Here are just a couple that he showed when a number of us started our work under him:

    When several of us moved into married quarters on campus, he offered to come and help us move.

    At times he told us his story during his very young years of and after the second world war. He spoke highly of the teachers that he had from the US. He shared that he had learned a lot from them in a number of regular school subjects, the Bible, and the ways of life. He spoke highly of the teachers, with respect that I saw in him and have often remembered, as he always showed that high respect for each of us who knew and worked with him; and for those we met together at conferences.

    It was great reading what a good number of students and teachers shared in the last publication.

    Many of us have experienced the privilege of learning from and through Dr. Nakai, and of applying his lessons while working in quite a few aspects of food science and other subjects.

    Thank you fellow learners who shared.

    Bill Styles,
    Open to hear from others,
    At this time in Halifax, Nova Scotia.