2 responses to “In Memoriam: Dr. Michael Shaw, Dean Emeritus”

  1. Trevor Reeves B.sc Agr 76 DVM

    I remember Dean Shaw with a great deal of affection and respect. He was an excellent scholar and a true gentleman of the finest type.

    I also owe Dean Shaw my academic and professional career. In 1974 I was the editor of the Bullsheet, the Aggie student newsletter. An article was published that was scurrilous and libelous (to put it mildly) about some of the faculty. Two senior professors in particular were sufficiently offended to demand that someone had to pay with their head and be expelled. The president of the undergrad society and I were hauled in to face Dean Shaw and the wronged professors. We were told to identify the author so the full wrath of the two profs could descend upon the guilty party. We declined and I took full responsibility as editor for publishing. This was greeted with a few minutes of loud voices and dire threats. The injured faculty members then decided; fair enough, since I declined to identify the author then my expulsion would suffice. Dean Shaw calmed the two and it was agreed that an printed apology and the promise that the guilty individual would never write such a piece again would be enough. The two profs left still quite steamed and we left quite shaken.

    The next day I met Dean Shaw in the corridor. He asked if the author had been spoken to. I confirmed that he had been. “In the mirror was it?” “Yes” I said.

    I am grateful Michael Shaw was the sort of man he was. I mourn his passing

    1. ubcLFS

      Thanks for sharing this memory, Trevor. If you’re interested, a Celebration of Life for Dean Shaw is scheduled for May 11. Location & RSVP info at http://www.landfood.ubc.ca/events/may-celebration-life-dr-michael-shaw