January Workshops at UBC Farm

The UBC Farm Growing Season Workshop Series aims to connect sustainability and life-skills experts with our local community through accessible and affordable workshops. Come and join us for a workshop, gain new skills and knowledge, while helping to support the UBC Farm!

Bread-making workshop at UBC Farm

Energy Tonics: Kombucha and Beyond

Join Foodwisdom at the UBC Farm to learn how to make your own nutritious health drinks. The workshop will start with Kombucha, an ancient fermented beverage that has reputed health benefits. We’ll also focus on Bieler broth (a detoxifying broth made from fresh vegetables and herbs), barley water (a grain drink with multiple health benefits), beet kvaas (a nourishing fermented beet drink), potassium tea (which helps to regulate blood pressure), Rejuvelac (a digestive aid made from grains), moroccan mint tea, and our own Foodwisdom nutrient dense hot cacao which will fuel your winter afternoons and warm your evenings.

Introduction to Cheese-Making

Join cheesemaker David Asher Rotsztain as we explore the fascinating realm of cheese. David will demonstrate and explain the techniques for making three basic styles of cheese: paneer, yogurt cheese and camembert, an aged rennet cheese. These lessons will provide a solid foundation for those interested in making cheese at home, or anyone who wants to know how their cheese is made.

Advanced Cheese-Making

In this advanced workshop, we will explore many different aged and fresh cheeses. Two new classes of cheeses will be introduced: hard cheeses and goat-milk cheeses. We will examine some of the many pathways for ageing soft cheeses by demonstrating the techniques of making blue cheeses, washed rind cheeses and feta. In addition, we will be learning about whey cheeses and mozzarella. Bring your cheesy questions, and David will help you along with your cheese making adventures.

Spelt Pasta-Making

Using organic whole spelt from Anita’s Mill, FoodWisdom will turn the fine art of making fresh pasta by hand into child’s play.

The Art of Fermentation with Sandor Katz

Join us for an afternoon of bubbles and fizz at the UBC Farm as we welcome a very special guest. Don’t miss this rare chance to join Sandor Katz, fermentation master and author of “The Art of Fermentation” and “Wild Fermentation” as he shares his passion for fermentation. This workshop is a unique opportunity to demystify the power and diversity of fermented foods. Sandor will accompany you through the history of fermentation, across cultures and eras, as well as demonstrate and explain the techniques to make a variety of fermented foods. These lessons will inspire you and give you the tools to reclaim this important transformational process in your kitchen.

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