2 responses to “A Message from the Dean”

  1. Walter Goerzen

    Murray; Congratulations on eight great years as Dean! As you step down from this considerable responsibility, I wish for you much joy in your continuing contribution as Professor and researcher. Thank you and best wishes, Walter Goerzen.

  2. Larry Bomford

    Hi Murray,

    Both my sons, Mark Bomford who you know is now at Yale and Michael Bomford who teaches at both The University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University credit your enthusiasm and leadership as one of the key influences in their professional lives.

    I am sure they are two of perhaps thousands of eager young undergrads whose papers you had to mark, whose ideas you helped finesse, and whose professional lives thrive because of their years in your faculty.

    A job well done, sir. Glad you plan to keep it up by donning the lab coat again..

    Larry Bomford, P.Ag. (retired)