A Message from the Dean

Professor Rickey Yada, Dean

Professor Rickey Yada, Dean

What does the future look like to you?

In the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, we are tackling some of the most critical issues of our time – issues that have already had a profound effect on the state of our world, like climate change, access to a healthy, safe and abundant food supply, and improved human and animal wellbeing. These are issues that need to be addressed now, so that we can ensure that future generations can enjoy a strong, more sustainable planet.

Our research touches every person in the world, without exception. We are working on finding practical solutions for critical global problems, but we are not working alone – by actively engaging our local and global communities, we can better pinpoint the on-the-ground challenges they are facing. As you’ll read about in these pages, internationally-recognized scientists like Dan Weary and Nina von Keyserlingk, for example, maintain close ties with the dairy industry in order to identify research projects that best meet the needs of that industry.

Community also plays a strong role in our teaching philosophy. We use community-engaged learning to give students the opportunity to apply what they’re learning to real world problems. We have found that this type of learning is the best way to engage our students, to help them better understand what they’ve learned in the classroom and to prepare them for their future careers.

Our researchers, our students and our communities are all connected by the desire to make a difference and it’s truly inspiring to see the impact we can have on the planet and the future by working together.


Rickey Yada, Dean
The Faculty of Land and Food Systems

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