Issue 23 | Spring 2015

The Case for Eating Insects

UBC Land and Food Systems researcher Yasmin Akhtar says bugs are nutritious, sustainable and delicious. At an insect-tasting event and lecture on campus, she served up crickets and other bugs that she says aren’t hard to swallow.

rickey yada

A Message from the Dean

By 2050 there will be more than 9 billion people on the planet—that’s two billion more people in just 35 years. Finding ways to feed a population of that size is a challenge that scientists all over the world are focusing on—including researchers here in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.


ubc farm

UBC Farm receives $1M grant from BC Foundation

Local farming has been given a boost thanks to a $1 million investment from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia in support of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the UBC Farm.


hannah wittman

Hannah Wittman Named Academic Director, Centre for Sustainable Food Systems

Associate Professor Hannah Wittman has been appointed Academic Director of The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm for a three-year term beginning July 2015.


gladys oka

Elevated toxic metals at community garden site raise concerns

Elevated levels of toxic metals found at a Vancouver community garden site have raised questions about the city’s approach to promoting urban agriculture.


blood tests

Nutrition researchers develop simple new test for vitamin B12 deficiency

Researchers in Human Nutrition have developed a novel method to test for vitamin B12 deficiency that is sensitive enough to work on anyone, including newborn babies and large swaths of the general population.


sprouting soil

Grad Student Brings an Innovative Approach to Soil Science Education

As global issues such as climate change and food security continue to place increasing demands on our soil, bringing attention to this important resource is becoming more and more critical.


junk food stock photo

Kids eat better if their parents went to college

Children of college-educated parents eat more vegetables and drink less sugar, according to a new study from LFS researchers. But it’s still not enough, the study goes on to say, as all kids are falling short when it comes to eating healthier at school.


Canned Goods. Photo by darius norvilas, Flickr Creative Commons

Researchers Evaluating Impact of Food Hub Programs

A research team led by Assistant Professor Jennifer Black was recently awarded $200,000 by the CIHR to evaluate the impact of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society’s Food Hub Programs on dietary intake and food security.


tony farrell in the lab

Heart problems triggered by climate change could devastate Chinook salmon stocks

Professor Tony Farrell took part in a study to better understand how climate change will impact animals in aquatic environments, examining the capacity for evolutionary change in Chinook salmon using a genetic breeding program.


zaira petruf


1. SOILx project Receives Platinum MARCOM Award
2. Prof. David Fraser Receives Award from Detroit Zoo
3. Animal Welfare Team Places 4th at Intercollegiate Competition
4. Zaira Petruf, Research Communications, Wine Research Centre
5. Prof. Dan Weary Awarded UBC Killam Research Prize


clare cullen

Clare Cullen, Operations Director, Centre for Sustainable Food Systems

With a background in arts, environmental education, finance, entrepreneurship and nonprofit organizations, Clare will play a key leadership role in the Centre’s operations, business development, and financial and human resources management.


rickey yada

Centennial Dialogues on Critical Issues in Land and Food Systems

In October, the Faculty hosted a dialogue exploring how government-sanctioned nutrition experiments have affected the relationship with food, nutrition, and health for survivors of the IRS System.


frances flower

Alumna Helping to Set Standards for Whole Foods Market

After completing her PhD in 2006, Frances Flower joined the Whole Foods Market team managing the day-to-day operations of their animal welfare program.